Cloud-Based Attendance Software

Our Cloud-Based Attendance Software is designed to simplify and streamline your workforce management. Whether you have a small team or a large organization, our software provides robust features to meet your attendance tracking needs.

Key Features

- **User Management:** Easily add, modify, or deactivate users with just a few clicks.
- **Employee Profiles:** Access comprehensive employee profiles, including personal details, job roles, and attendance history.
- **Leave Management:** Streamline leave requests and approvals, ensuring accurate records of employee absences.
- **Holiday Tracking:** Keep track of holidays effortlessly, ensuring accurate attendance calculations.
- **Clock-In and Clock-Out:** Employees can conveniently punch in and out, providing real-time attendance data.
- **Late Arrivals:** Individualized late arrival notifications ensure timely interventions for improved punctuality.
- **Summary and Reports:** Access summarized reports on daily attendance, providing insights into employee work patterns.
- **Notices and Announcements:** Broadcast important notices and announcements directly through the software, ensuring everyone stays informed.

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Demo Logins For Admin


Password: anasrasheed161

Demo Logins For Staff


Password: demo12