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Pathology Lab Management Software (labsoftware.pk)

Labsoftware.pk offers a comprehensive cloud-based Lab Management System. Labsoftware.pk fully integrates features and elements such as report generation, sample collection, and patient registration using a friendly interface that offers seamless administrative, operative, and patient management.

  • Best Management and Tracking of Patient's Data as well as ensure maximum security of their personal and diagnostic data
  • Best Management and Tracking of Inventory and Laboratory Diagnostics Data
  • Best Management and Tracking of Practitioners and Consultants and Multi-Clinic Data data
  • Best Solution provider for billing, scheduling and patient portals
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Best Data Protection resources at the back end server
  • Provide scheduled appointment alerts, notifications, receipt details via email, sms and patient's portal
Pathology Lab Management Software

Why Pathology Laboratory Information Management Software ?

labsoftware.pk offers flexibility to meet new criteria, improved quality and compliance, documented lab work status accountability, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to minimize human errors in laboratory test reports generated by pathologists by delivering intelligent software for pathologists to manage laboratory information.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to bring innovation to the pathology laboratory in order to reduce costs, errors and improve the quality of care by providing simple technology and services.

Our History

Laboratory Software History

2019 – 2020

Designing cost-effective and human error-free software for pathologists (LIMS) with ready-made built-in report templates with a range of normal values signed electronically and checked by a doctor on duty.

2020 – 2021

Launching updated version help individuals to minimize errors, efforts and automate patient registeration, billing and reports.

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